Snap Tracker

    • Materials ABS, Steel
    • Marking Options Laser
    • Marking Parameters 8 Digits 8 Characters
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    Product Summary

    The SnapTracker Bolt Seal - CTPAT COMPLIANT and meets the standard for a High Security Seal as outlined in the ISO 17712:2013 specifications.

    The SnapTracker Bolt Seal is a barrier class bolt seal, designed for securing high value cargo. A solid steel bolt provides strength while a molded plastic coating provides tamper-evidence.



    • Container Door Latches
    • Trailer Door Latches

    Product Specifications

    • Materials: ABS and Steel
    • Operational Length: 1 ¼”
    • Minimum slot for seal to pass through: 3/8”
    • Numbering: 7 digits

    Color for plastic coating

    • Standard: Yellow
    • (Other colors available upon request)


    • Durable laser markings
    • Numbering: 7 digits


    • 200 seals per box
    • Gross Weight: 28 lbs per box (13 kg)
    • Box Dimensions: 6” x 12” x 11”  (41cm x 31cm x 28cm)


  • Bolt and body are keyed to prevent spinning.
  • Large flag on both the bolt and body allow for the laser printed information to be easily read.
  • ISO 17712 classification HIGH SECURITY SEAL
  • Both parts numbered to prevent fraud by replacement of either bolt or body.   
  • Parts come attached in a unique package for ease of use and accurate tracking of numbers.
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    PDF Drawing