Fixed Length Seals

    TydenBrooks offers various types of fixed length, plastic security seals such as the Plastic Truck Seal and tote seals designed to protect tote boxes, trailer doors, as well as a wide range of other applications. Some models can also be marked with a laser-etched barcode. Our fixed length plastic security seals are tamper-evident, can be barcoded and offer flexibility. Browse our selection of fixed length security seals below to find the best seal to suit your needs.

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    • Gemini Tote-Seal

      Gemini Tote-Seal

      The Gemini Tote Security Seal is a dual-numbered fixed length plastic tote security seal designed specifically to secure tote boxes used to transport merchandise from one location to another.
    • guard lock seal

      Guard Lock Seal

      The Guard Lock is an economical flat metal truck seal with rolled edges for ease of handling; available in tin-plated and steel.
    • Plastic Truck Seal

      Plastic Truck Seal

      The patented Acetal Locking Chamber in a Plastic Truck Seal provides superior tamper resistance.
    • Poly-Lok


      The Poly-Lok II and Poly-Lok III are fixed length plastic trailer seals for transport and general purpose use.
    • Tevi Tag

      Tevi Tag

      The TeviTag Tamper-Evident Security Seal is the result of TydenBrooks commitment to provide a simple, cost-effective solution that increases security and efficiency.
    • Tyden Ball Seal

      Tyden Ball Seal

      The Tyden Ball Seal is a fixed length flat metal strap seal that has been the global standard for tamper indicative truck seals.
    • X-Strap Seal

      X-Strap Seal

      The X-Strap is a fixed length tamper-evident security seal manufactured with a thin strap.

    7 Item(s)