Adjustable Length Seals

TydenBrooks manufactures adjustable plastic security seals such as pull tight plastic straps and other plastic strap seals. This type of plastic security seal allows the user to cinch-up the seal according to their specific size requirements. Adjustable length plastic strap seals or pull-tight plastic straps are ideal for use when one seal type is used to secure multiple items or when a specific item can vary by size.

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  • ALL Seal

    ALL Seal

    The ALL Seal is a pull-tight, adjustable security seal that combines durability with ease-of-use, used extensivel in airline, healthcare & dairy.
  • security seal

    Equilok Seal

    Equilok are adjustable, pull-tight seal manufactured out of High Density Polyethylene and Acetal (HDPA).
  • Griplock Coin Bag Seal

    Griplock Coin Bag Seal

    The Griplock Coin & Currency Bag Seal is an adjustable length plastic seal designed for sealing coin, currency and mail bags.
  • Mini-Fly Seal

    Mini-Fly Seal

    The Mini-Fly is an economical all plastic, adjustable length security seal with a thin tail that will fit small apertures.
  • Pull-Tite II Seal

    Pull-Tite II Seal

    The Pull-Tite II is an economical adjustable plastic strap seal for use on a variety of applications.
  • PullTight 818-40 Seal

    PullTight 818-40 Seal

    The Pharmaceutical Industry is one that requires total product integrity from manufacturing through packaging and distribution.
  • Secur-Grip Seal

    Secur-Grip Seal

    The Secur-Grip is an adjustable length plastic strap seal for use on a wide range of applications.
  • Secur-Pull Seal

    Secur-Pull Seal

    The Secur-Pull is an adjustable length plastic strap seal for use on a variety of applications, particularly those with a small aperature.
  • Thin Round Smooth

    Thin Round Smooth

    The Thin Round Smooth Seal is an adjustable length 16" plastic security seal made for a variety of uses, particularly small aperature applications.
  • Tug Tight

    Tug Tight

    The Tug Tight is an ideal security seal for situations requiring varying seal lengths.
  • Ultra Strap Bag Seal

    Ultra Strap Bag Seal

    The Ultra Strap Bag Seal, an adjustable length seal, has extra high strength with length up to 20" and is designed for bag applications.

11 Item(s)