Barcoded Seals

    TydenBrooks offers various security tracking, barcoded seals such as the Secur-Grip Seal & the Intermodal II Bolt Seal. All of our barcoded security seals can be used to suit a variety of applications. Our barcoded seals include adjustable plastic, bolt, cable and flat metal security seals. All TydenBrooks barcoded security seals are tamper evident.

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    • Tug Tight

      Tug Tight

      The Tug Tight is an ideal security seal for situations requiring varying seal lengths.
    • Cone Loc

      Cone Loc

      The Reusable Cone Loc seal is a heavy-duty cargo security cable seal with reusable lock body and serialized tracking flag.
    • Tevi Tag

      Tevi Tag

      The TeviTag Tamper-Evident Security Seal is the result of TydenBrooks commitment to provide a simple, cost-effective solution that increases security and efficiency.
    • guard lock seal

      Guard Lock Seal

      The Guard Lock is an economical flat metal truck seal with rolled edges for ease of handling; available in tin-plated and steel.
    • Secur Hasp II

      Secur Hasp II

      Secur Hasp II seals are wire and plastic security padlock seals that can be used in a variety of applications.
    • gas pump tamper evident label

      Gas Pump Non Residue Void Security Seal

      Gas Pump Tamper-Evident Labels which secure against Credit Card Skimming.
    • Residue Label - Security Seal

      KR – Partial Residue Void Security Seal

      Removable/partial transfer VOIDING self-adhesive security seal providing a VOID/OPENED security message on the application surface.
    • Ultra Strap Bag Seal

      Ultra Strap Bag Seal

      The Ultra Strap Bag Seal, an adjustable length seal, has extra high strength with length up to 20" and is designed for bag applications.
    • Tyden Ball Seal

      Tyden Ball Seal

      The Tyden Ball Seal is a fixed length flat metal strap seal that has been the global standard for tamper indicative truck seals.
    • Enduro Seal

      Enduro Seal

      The Enduro® Seal is an acrylic padlock security seal designed for long term field life.
    • Roto-Seal barcode

      Toolless Roto-Seal

      The Roto-Seal is a plastic and wire seal that offers a safe alternative to lead seals.
    • Swan Seal

      Swan Seal - Padlock Security Seal

      The new, innovative Swan Seal Padlock Seal is a cost effective, tamper evident, new generation padlock seal that has been specifically designed for In-flight Aircraft Carts and Trolleys.
    • EZ Loc Cable Seal

      EZ Loc Cable Seal

      EZ Loc is a medium-duty cargo security cable seal featuring non-preformed security cable that frays when cut with various marking options for customized tracking.
    • Vu Bolt seal

      Vu Bolt

      The Vu Bolt Container Seal is rated High Security per ISO 17712: 2013 and is C-TPAT compliant.
    • ALL Seal

      ALL Seal

      The ALL Seal is a pull-tight, adjustable security seal that combines durability with ease-of-use, used extensivel in airline, healthcare & dairy.
    • security seal

      Equilok Seal

      Equilok are adjustable, pull-tight seal manufactured out of High Density Polyethylene and Acetal (HDPA).
    • FlexSecure FS15

      FlexSecure FS15

      The FlexSecure FS 15 is a 1.5mm (1/16") anodized aluminum bodied cable seal.
    • Mini-Fly Seal

      Mini-Fly Seal

      The Mini-Fly is an economical all plastic, adjustable length security seal with a thin tail that will fit small apertures.
    • Plastic Truck Seal

      Plastic Truck Seal

      The patented Acetal Locking Chamber in a Plastic Truck Seal provides superior tamper resistance.
    • Snap Tracker

      Snap Tracker

      The SnapTracker Bolt Seal is a barrier class bolt seal, designed for securing high value cargo.
    • X-Strap Seal

      X-Strap Seal

      The X-Strap is a fixed length tamper-evident security seal manufactured with a thin strap.

    Items 1 to 21 of 30 total

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