About TydenBrooks

In November of 2009, two of the world's leading suppliers of High Security and Tamper Evident seals, merged to form TydenBrooks Security Products Group. Tyden Brammall and EJ Brooks combined to become the leading supplier of security seals in the world.  In October of 2010, TydenBrooks acquired Stoffel Seals, the second largest security seal supplier in North America.  Today, these three companies have combined their broad product lines and industry expertise to be come the global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of High Security and tamper-evident seals and devices.

Today, TydenBrooks brings over 350 years of combined experience and history in the manufacturing of security seals and has consistently exhibited market leadership through innovation, research, quality, design and manufacturing on a global basis.  The new entity of TydenBrooks is committed to producing competitively priced, high quality security seals, tapes, labels and other security devices with a strong commitment to customer service and support.

Globally, TydenBrooks has a manufacturing, sales and marketing presence in over 50 countries, providing a broad range of security solutions to a wide group of industries, including transportations, retail, agriculture, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, commercial airlines, manufacturing and many other industries.

The sum of our key strengths is best reflected in our brand promise, "Leading the Way, Securing the World".  With this promise comes the confidence that our products will be "ahead of the curve" and that TydenBrooks will continue to evolve with the ever changing needs of the customers it serves.
Trust Our Experts

Whether you have a specific type of seal in mind or just know that you need a seal, TydenBrook's knowledgeable customer service experts will be on hand to answer your questions and ensure that you receive great service. They will work closely with you to choose the seal best suited for you and your application.

Our team of experts prides itself on staying on top of the ever-evolving regulatory compliance issues and shipping trends. By having this knowledge our experts can keep you informed of these regulations immediately. No matter what your application is you can trust our security experts as your one dependable source for everything.

Don't hesitate to contact our security experts today by calling them at 800-458-SEAL!


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