Track & Trace

Track & Trace


Track & Trace

Track & Trace products and programs are incorporated by various Federal, State and local government agencies as well as Food processors and producers.

Track & Trace products are incorporated into tagging, identification and tracking of regulated livestock, monitored commercial and recreation fishing and hunting programs and effort reduction or animal control & tracking in regulated industries, fisheries and game.

Custom solutions for: 

  • Federal and Local government agencies (Livestock Identification)
    • Animal tracking
    • Animal Tagging
    • Animal Sale Tracking 
  • Departments of Natural Resource (Fishing & Hunting Programs)
    • Commercial and Recreational Effort Monitoring
    • Game Animal Tagging Programs
    • Equipment tagging for effort reduction and monitoring
    • Fishery and Game tagging for regulated fisheries  

In addition to the regulated livestock, fish and game programs and products, Stoffel has also developed unique custom solutions for brand identification and consumer food packaging and handling.

Food processors (Food Packaging & Handling)

  • Brand Identification products
    • Food Grade clips for branded meats 
  • Food handling products
    • Unique solutions for cooking and handling poultry 
  • Food packaging safety
    • Products to insure secure packaging 

Livestock Identification Tags Livestock Identification Tags
Livestock Identification Tags



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