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TydenBrooks offers various types of wire seals such as the Toolless Roto Seal for applications requiring small sealing ports.  These security seals would include electric meter seals, gas meter seals, water meter seals and wire seals for industrial applications.

Other types of wire security seals are crimp seals such as the Alucast 911 Seal, an ideal lead seal replacement, and the Prong Lok which when used with sealing wire; can be used as an ammunition container seals. These security seals have been approved by all branches of the U.S. Military.

Browse our selection of wire seals, meter seals and container seals to find the right one for your specific application.

Tooless Roto Wire Security Seal
Toolless Roto Seal

The Toolless Roto Seal is a durable plastic and wire seal that can be applied without a tool.


Roto Wire Security Seal

The Roto-Seal is a plastic and wire seal that offers a safe alternative to lead seals.


Enviro Wire Security Seal
Enviro NL-1 Padlock

The NL-1 was designed as a replacement for lead seals. Designed for the U.S. Government.


Quick Loc Wire Security Seal
Quick Loc Seal

Quick Loc is a self-locking, lightweight cable seal constructed of strong ABS molded polymer with concentrically laid stainless steel cable. Quick Loc Plus offers a large marking area with raised ridges.

Alucast Wire Security Seal
Alucast #911 Seal

When used with wire, the Alucast 911 is the ideal lead seal replacement.


Prong Lok Wire Security Seal
Prong-Lok Pro-4 Seal

The Prong-Lok is a metal "crimp" seal used in conjunction with a wire & sealed with a sealing tool for a secure fit.


Self Lok Security Seal

Self-Lok Seals

The Self-Lok Seal is a one time use metal clamshell type seal. Easily splits in two when removed.



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