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TydenBrooks offers a variety of flat metal security seals such as flat metal strap seals and flat metal truck seals to be used for truck doors, rail cars, containers, hopper cars, tanker trucks and more.

Flat metals security seals can be offered in tin-plated or galvanized steel and are also tamper evident & require no tools to apply.

Browse our selection of flat metal security seals to find the best style to suite your specific application.

Tyden Ball Flat Metal Security Seal
Tyden Ball Seal

The Tyden Ball Seal is a fixed length flat metal strap seal that is the global standard for tamper indicative truck seals.


Guard Lock Flat Metal Security Seal
Guard Lock® Seal

The Guard Lock is an economical flat metal truck seal available in both tin-plated and galvanized steel.


Flat End Flat Metal Security Seal

Flat End Metal Truck Seal

The Flat End Metal Truck Seal is easy to apply and requires no tools.



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