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TydenBrooks manufactures adjustable plastic security seals such as pull tight plastic straps and other plastic strap seals. This type of plastic security seal allows the user to cinch-up the seal according to their specific size requirements. Adjustable length plastic strap seals or pull-tight plastic straps are ideal for use when one seal type is used to secure multiple items or when a specific item can vary by size.

Pull-tight, adjustable length security seals are commonly used within all industries. Our pull-tight plastic seal product line is available in a range of colors, can be consecutively numbered, embossed or hot-stamped with company name or logo. Commonly used adjustable plastic seals include the Secure Grip & the Tug Tight.

View our line of adjustable plastic strap seals below to determine which adjustable security seal(s) best fit your specific requirements.


Secur-Grip Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal
Secur-Grip® Seal

Adjustable length plastic seal available in polypropylene or high strength nylon and can be barcoded.


Secur-Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal
Secur-Pull® Seal

The Secur-Pull is an adjustable length plastic strap seal ideal for applications with a small aperature.


Tug-Tight Plastic Security Seal
Tug Tight

The Tug Tight is a heavy-duty, adjustable, pull-tight security seal that is multi-locking and tamper-evident device.


Equilok Pull Tight Plastic Security SealEquilok

Pull-tight adjustable seal that is used on equipment requiring a highly tamper-resistant locking mechanism.



Pull-Tite II Plastic Security Seal
Pull-Tite II Seal

The Pull-Tite II is an economical adjustable plastic strap seal with moderate strength for use on a variety of applications.


All Seal Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal
ALL Seal

Pull-tight seal with a patented removal feature. No tools or cutters are required to remove the All-Seal.


9" Bi-Directional Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal

9" Bi-Directional Seal

Beaded plastic adjustable seal which has a unique locking feature.


Ring-Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal

Ring-Pull® Seal
The Ring-Pull® is an adjustable length plastic strap seal with a unique flag.
Bag Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal
Ultra Strap Bag Seal
The Ultra Strap Bag Seal has extra high strength with length up to 20" and is designed for bag applications.



Secure-Tite Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal
Secure-Tite® Seal
The Secure-Tite is an adjustable length plastic strap seal with high strength designed for various applications.
Thin Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal
Thin Round Smooth Seal
An adjustable length seal for a variety of uses, particularly small aperature applications.




Coin Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal
Griplock Coin Bag Seal
The Griplock Coin & Currency Bag Seal is a plastic seal specifically designed for sealing coin, currency and mail bags.



818-200 Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal
818-200 Plastic PullTight Seal
PullTight Seal used by Couriers and Postal Services to secure courier bags, mail bags & cash bags.



818-300 Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal
818-300 Plastic PullTight Seal
This PullTight Seal features a single or double loop for destination tags.

818-40 Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal

818-40 Plastic PullTight Seal
PullTight Seal '400 is widely used in the Meat Packing Industry and the PullTight Seal '100 by Couriers around the world.


Mini Fly Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal
Mini-Fly Seal

The Mini-Fly is an economical all plastic adjustable length security seal with a thin tail that will fit small apertures.



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