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Indicative Seals from TydenBrooks are a low-cost, highly effective way to secure shipments, equipment, facilities and other areas of your operation which require a chain of custody or assurance of physical security.

Our tamper evident security seals are available in a wide variety of styles since not all containers or equipment can be effectively sealed with the same device. Indicative Seals are designed to be tamper evident in order to indicate any attempt of intrusion or tampering. For your convenience, our tamper evident security seals do not require application or removal tools.


Fixed Tamper Evident Security Seal
Fixed Length Plastic Seals

Fixed length plastic seals are used for transport and general purpose, including exit doors, enclosures, gates, hatches and containers.

Adjustable Tamper Evident Security Seal
Adjustable Length Seals

Adjustable length seals are used for a wide range of applications and small apertures, including tote boxes, ATM cassettes, valves, cash boxes and fire extinguishers.

Wire Tamper Evident Security Seals
Wire Seals

Wire seals are used for various applications. Our Roto Seal® and QuickLoc models are used for drums, meters, gasoline pumps, scales, totes and more.


Padlock Tamper Evident Security Seal
Plastic Padlock Seals

Plastic padlock seals are used for a variety of applications including doors, meters, inflight service equipment and tote boxes.



Metal Tamper Evident Security Seal
Flat Metal Seals

Flat metal seals are used for transport applications such as rail cars, tanker trucks, truck/trailer doors and tank cars.



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