ISO 17712 Standard for Mechanical Seals

Choice, Quality & Support

ISO 17712 applies to shipping containers, but is an internationally recognized standard to measure the performance of security seals in any application. Wherever your shipments go or whatever you are sealing, we’ve got you covered with security seals that are internationally recognized for quality. We have a full line of bolt, cable, metal and plastic security seals to choose from with different shapes, lengths, locking systems, textures, colors and pull-apart strengths—so trust TydenBrooks as your single source for security.

High Security
The strongest type of seal. Provides the most protection for shipments and serves the purpose of delaying or discouraging intruders. It is designed to keep people out or make it extremely difficult for them to gain access to your high-risk and high-value shipments. Requires heavy-duty bolt or cable cutters for removal.  

The middle ground. Shows whether your application has been tampered with, but is stronger and provides limited resistance. Commonly used when indicative seals can’t stand up to an application or are damaged unintentionally. Cable cutters or other lightweight tools are used for removal.   

The simplest type of seal. Shows whether your application has been tampered with, but doesn’t prevent someone from accessing it. Used for low-risk applications and can be pulled apart by hand or cut with a simple shear or snipping tool.


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