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See how Electronic Seals and Tracking Solutions
can save you money and protect your goods.

TydenBrooks' Next Generation of Security Seal Technologies offers superior levels of cargo monitoring, safety, management to protect your investment throughout your Supply Chain - regardless of size, location, or complexity.

TydenBrooks offers a line of electronic seals suitable for cargo container security. Our electronic container seals are tamper evident and of the highest security.  


Krateus - Powered by LoJack SCI
Krateus - Powered by LoJack SCI

The ISO compliant Krateus is a flexible cargo tracking, security, and condition monitoring device that enables asset positioning through GSM cell, ZigBee, and assisted GPS. 

Hyperion RFID Electronic Seal
Hyperion RFID E-Seal

An “RFID” re-usable eSeal security tag that combines a specially designed plastic indicative strap and electronic protection.


Hyperion Zigbee Electronic Seal
Hyperion "Zigbee" E-Seal

A re-usable indicative eSeal. The Hyperion eSeal status is monitored in real-time by a GlobalTrak AMU. 







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