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C-TPAT/ISO 17712:2013 Compliant high security bolt seals are used to secure high value cargo, cross border shipments, trailer & container door latches. TydenBrooks manufactures a vast array of high security bolt seals for containers such as the Econo Bolt Seal and the SnapTracker Bolt Seal. As a leading manufacturer of high security bolt seals, we are able to provide the greatest level of service to our customers.

Below, you will find a selection of bolt seals that are CTPAT/ISO 17712:2010 compliant to suit a variety of applications, including securing ISO containers. Determine which high security bolt seals below will meet your specific container requirements.


Econo Security Bolt Seal
Econo Bolt Seal

ISO 17712:2013

The Econo Bolt - High Security Seal designed for cost-effectiveness.


Intermodal II Security Bolt Seal
Intermodal II Bolt Seal

ISO 17712:2013   

The Intermodal II - High Security Seal which consists of a steel bolt and a plastic-coated steel locking chamber.


SnapTracker Security Bolt Seal

SnapTracker Bolt

ISO 17712:2013

The SnapTracker Bolt Seal is a barrier class seal, designed for securing high value cargo

Twist Rod Security Seal

Twist Rod Seal

The Twist Rod is a high security, low cost seal for use in various applications, including where high security and tamper indication is needed.




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