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TydenBrooks offers various security tracking, barcoded seals such as the Secur-Grip Seal & the Intermodal II Bolt Seal. All of our barcoded security seals can be used to suite a variety of applications. Our barcoded seals include adjustable plastic, bolt, cable and flat metal security seals. All our barcoded security seals are tamper evident.

Browse our selection below to find the right barcoded security seal to suit your needs.

Secur-Grip Barcoded Security Seal
Secur-Grip® Seal

Adjustable length plastic strap seal for use on a wide range of applications.


1/8" Multi-Lok Barcoded Security Seal
1/8" Multi-Lok Cable Seal

ISO 17712:2013
1/8" High Security Cable Seal used for a variety of applications. 


Tug Tight Barcoded Security Seal
Tug Tight

The Tug Tight is a heavy-duty, adjustable, pull-tight security seal that is multi-locking and tamper-evident device.


X-Strap Plastic Security SealX-Strap

Fixed length tamper-evident security seal. It is ideal for those applications requiring a seal to fit into a small opening.


E Z Loc Barcoded Security Seal1/16" E Z Loc® Seal

Medium-duty cargo security cable seal with various marking options for customized tracking.


Poly-Check Barcoded Security Seal
Poly-Check® Seal

Economical fixed length plastic flagged strap trailer seal for use on a wide range of applications.


Equilok Barcoded Security SealEquilok

The Equilok is a medium strength pull-tight, adjustable security seal designed to be used on any equipment requiring a highly tamper-resistant locking mechanism and reasonable degree of strength.

ALL Seal Barcoded Security SealALL Seal

The ALL Seal is a pull-tight, adjustable security seal that combines durability with ease-of-use.

Tyden Ball Barcoded Security Seal

Tyden Ball Seal

Fixed length flat metal strap seal that has been the global standard for tamper indicative truck seals.


KNR Non-Residue Barcoded Security Seal
KNR Non-Residue Labels

Show a clear VOID/OPEN security message when label is lifted.



Secur_Pull Barcoded Security Seal
Secur-Pull® Seal

Adjustable length plastic strap seal for use small aperature applications.



Quick-Loc Plus Barcoded Security Seal
Quick Lock Plus

Self-locking, lightweight cable seal constructed of strong ABS molded polymer.



High Security Padlock Barcoded Security Seal
High Security Padlock Seal

Self-locking padlock with an acrylic body for long field life.



Plastic Padlock Barcoded Security Seal
Plastic Padlock® Seal

Plastic Padlock Seal is a wire hasp, plastic body security seal that can be barcoded.


Toolless Roto Barcoded Security Seal
Toolless Roto Seal®

Durable plastic and wire seal that can be applied without a tool.



Intermodal II Barcoded Security Seal
Intermodal II Bolt Seal

Durable plastic and wire seal that can be applied without a tool.

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