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Lobster Tags

Lobster Trap Tags

A critical issue in the commercial fishing industry is effort monitoring and in some cases, effort reduction. In order to monitor and maintain the population of certain species; the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries and National Marine Fisheries Service needed a program to track and limit an individual fisher's harvests.

While these programs affect and are present in many different fisheries, the lobster fishery is one of the most prominent and well developed harvests under control. In order to monitor this, TydenBrooks worked with the agencies and developed a tagging program that could identify properly licensed fishers and lobster pots.

Using the original version of its Plastic Truck Seal, TydenBrooks was able to provide a tag that could;Lobster Tags

  • Identify the permit number for an individual fisher.
  • Identify the state, fishing zone and eligible year for the tags.
  • Provide a unique authentication of the tag using TydenBrooks patented design.
  • Withstand exposure to salt water, extreme cold and extreme sun.
  • Tags produced in odd quantities that exactly match the number of tags for which the fisher is eligible.    

In addition, due to the individual state budgets and regulations, some states are unable to charge for tags and thus, TydenBrooks handles the transactions for these states on an individual basis with the fishers. TydenBrooks maintains an active database for the entire fishery; tracking how many tags each fisher purchases every year. This usage is reported to the states and commissions and used to monitor and track effort more effectively.

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